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About this book

This book dispels illusions about our money system and documents some of its horrendous consequences. Most people know that we used to have a Gold Standard in which money was gold and/or silver, and paper money represented gold or silver. But what’s the name that describes the essence of our current money system? Some call it a "fiat money system," but that does not capture its true nature. There really isn't a name that is widely used. Which is odd given that we’ve lived with this system for over fifty years.

So let’s put an end to that: The essence of our global money system is captured by this name: the Debt Standard.

This book, The Debt Standard: How our money system plagues our world, was not written by an economist so it is not filled with jargon and equations.

The book explains, in language and images that most people can readily understand, why Debt Standard is the best name. Once that is understood, the veil is shredded and it becomes obvious that the nature of our money system brings inevitable consequences, mathematically guaranteed:

  • accelerating income inequality;

  • a world that shoulders a crushing and ever-increasing debt burden;

  • perpetual price inflation;

  • debt slavery of so many people, businesses, and almost every government;

  • people running ever faster yet feeling they don’t have enough time, especially for what is most important to them;

  • domination by Big: Big banks, Big corporations, Big political parties, Big government agencies;

  • addiction to financialized economic “growth” no matter what the consequences for people and nature;

  • perpetual financial crises;

  • perpetual conflict among people and nations;

  • and so forth.

If you want to know how the Debt Standard guarantees those outcomes, then download and read the book The Debt Standard: How our money system plagues our world.

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